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Welcome to Vintage Pistons!

Vintage Pistons is an auction site exclusively for vintage Porsches; cars that fall into this category include models 356, 911, and 912, up to model-year 1973.

Our goal is to provide a dedicated auction environment for vintage Porsches, one that is focused, intimate, trustworthy, and transparent. We accomplish this by denoting if a seller belongs to a particular Porsche registry, such as the 356, Early 911S, or 912 Registries. Equipped with this information, and with the ability to directly message the seller and post comments on our website, the bidder is better able to asses the listing, in terms of car provenance and seller reputation. If the seller so encourages, the bidder may research the car and seller further on the registries’ forums.

In each listing, we denote whether the seller belongs to a particular Porsche registry; such notation is included in the car’s “category”, and also in the comments section; please look for these notations when perusing a listing. We will also feature registry cars only in our “scrolling ticker tape” at the top of our Newest Auctions page; any of the listings that scroll through will belong to a registry-member seller.

We must also emphasize that we heartily welcome non-registry sellers to list their cars with us, and would furthermore suggest that they include as much information as possible on the car and themselves, so that bidders may place their bids with added confidence.

Aside from advertising on Porsche-related websites and in respective literature, we also leverage the powers of social media via our Facebook page – we post each of our listings on the page, and will be setting up a similar presence on Instagram shortly. Our Facebook page has thus far garnered 800+ Likes in its short 3-month existence, and that number continues to grow.


Some Features That Set Us Apart:
Community and Transparency– we place an emphasis on registry cars and their members – through car history and seller reputation we hope to achieve transparency.
User Comments – comments are enabled to facilitate questions and conversations – such may also be conducted on Registry forums, depending on forum rules.
Complete Auction Tools – full slate of auction tools: reserve price, buy it now price, make offers, safeguard against last-second sniping, buyer questions and commenting, user ratings, keywords search… and don’t forget to try our Auctions by Model tab in the menu bar, where one can quickly select all listings pertaining to a particular model.
Dealers and Private Party – our system does not offer “storefronts” for dealers; they use the same tools and their listings share the same appearance as those from private-party sellers.
No Fees – Our service is free to users – no listing fees or commissions of any kind. We plan to derive our revenues from advertising.

How To List:
Simply Register for an account with a username of your choice, and click “Start New Auction” in the upper navigation bar. Fill out the auction-setup page, upload your maximum of 20 photos, and click the PUBLISH button. We will review your pending listing within 24 hours and publish it if all looks well. Each auction runs for 10 days, starting on a Friday (to take advantage of two book-ending weekends for maximum “eyeballs”), and sellers are free to determine a preferred starting price.

How To Bid:
After registering and locating a suitable listing, simply click on the PLACE BID button to commence bidding. If you win the auction, an e-mail message will prompt you to contact the seller directly for payment and car-delivery logistics.


Ready to browse? Start with our Newest Auctions page (also a tab, in the menu bar) first, where you will find all of our listings. The scrolling ticker tape at the top of the page shows “Registry” listings.

If you are interested in submitting your Porsche for auction, please send us an e-mail; we will walk you through the process and provide any assistance that you might require to set up your first auction. We also encourage you to set up your first auction on your own – it’s really quite simple, but please feel free to contact us for assistance at any time.